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We create photo prints, wall art and other gift items with a focus on elevated quality, eco-conscious materials and beautiful design. We look to partner with brands and individuals that reflect the same values.

Our affiliate program is an ideal partnership for professional photographers and bloggers who create contents on weddings, parenting, travel, lifestyle and design.

How it works

Once sign up, you'll receive a unique affiliation code. When your customer enters this code at checkout, she will get a 10% discount, and you will receive a 10% commission of your referrals' lifetime spending from us.

Yes, lifetime spending. That wasn't a typo. This is unheard of unconventional and we've written a blog post to explain why we make this change. Here is the full terms and services.

How to join

The Affiliate Program is free to join and we do not charge a setup fee. Please fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you within the next five business days.

Request Form

- Shipping to a business or a school? Please have the organisation's name clearly indicated with C/O.
- Using a PO Box number or Private Bay address? Please leave out spaces or punctuation (eg. 'PO Box 23226', not 'PO Box 23 226').

CourierPost's backup method of contacting you.

- Please don't use street number ranges, eg '4-12 Main Street'.
- If street number includes a letter, leave out the space, eg '21A Main Street', not '21 A Main Street'.

- Use the suburb if it is in common use, eg ‘Auckland Central’, use 'Central'.
- For Rural addresses, use 'RD' plus the RD number here, leave out any spaces or punctuation, eg. 'RD 1', not 'R D 1', nor 'R.D.1'

Enter any extra address information for the delivery person.
For example, company name, apartment number, suite, unit, building or floors.



Question: Do my clients get 10% off on their first order only or on every order they place?
She can use the discount many times.

Question: What happens if my clients forget to use the promo code?
Please let them get in touch with us so we can manually enter the code for you and arrange a refund of 10% of their purchases. We will have associated her account with yours when she puts through her first purchase. So you'll still get the affiliate fee from us.

Question: Where I can view the affiliate program and how many times my promo code has been used?
We are releasing an affiliate dashboard, where you’ll be able to see the name of the customer as well as the transaction amount and date of purchase.

Question: If a product is already discounted will my clients receive a further 10% off?
Yes, the 10% off can be combined with product specials.

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