Welcome to the HappyMoose Affiliate Programme

Are you a professional photographer specialising in family, newborn or wedding photography? Are you mostly selling digital files rather than print packages?

When you sell digital files and let the customer print wherever they want, you are risking your work being poorly printed and reflecting badly on you.

And more importantly, you’re missing out on valuable revenue! Do you want to earn more from every photo shoot session? Then this programme is for you.

Who is HappyMoose?

HappyMoose is an employee owned business based in Dunedin, New Zealand. We all come from different paths: photography, art, computer science, design and engineering. We take pride in the cool, fun and affordable photo print products we produce (check out our story if you want to learn more)

Below are a few products we sell. Some of them are unique products you can't find elsewhere. Our customers rave about them and we hope you'll feel the same.

Girls first year milestones
A collage frame displays a newborn's first year milestones.
Removable wall dots featuring family photo shot
Four removable wall decal dots on a narrow space. They are a great way to show case photos from the same session.
Family shot in a black frames
Family shot in a Black Box frame. Finished with an Arctic White mat.

Cool. So how does the programme work?

Three simple steps.

Affiliate dashboard
  1. Share your referral code. Write down and give your unique referral code to your clients near the end of the photo session.
  2. Your clients use the code. Everytime your client orders from us using your code, they will enjoy 10% discount on their purchase - no matter if it's photos you have provided them or their own photos.
  3. You earn cash credit. 10% of your client's purchase amount will be credited to your account. Credit can be used for your own purchases, after the 20% discount from the trade rates. Once it reaches $100, you can also request a direct pay out.

How do I see my earnings?

Meet the Affiliate Dashboard (we've marked out part of the screen shot because it is from one of our affiliates)

Affiliate dashboard

The affiliate dashboard will display your total earnings and how many times your referral code has been used. More importantly, the dashboard also shows each referral's name, purchase date and purchase amount.

It is critical that you come back and check the dashboard regularly to find out which products sell well. The affiliate dashboard provides you insights that you can use to fine tune your sales pitch.

Trusted by Award Winning Photographers

Niki Boon - International award winning photographer and highly sought-after conference speaker

The last order of square prints were just brilliant .. thank you!! ... customer service is wonderful ...you seem to offer lots of options (I have to say I am a huge huge advocate for getting people to print their photos ... so your company excites me !!!!)... your website is easy to understand and use.

Interesting. How about ...?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Q: Do my clients get 10% off on their first order only or on every order they place in the future?
A: They can use the discount many times - no matter if it's photos you have provided them, or if it is their own photos.

Q: What happens if my clients forgets to use the promo code?
A: Please let them get in touch with us so we can manually enter the code and arrange 10% of their purchase as store credit and another 10% into your account.

Q: If a product is already discounted will my clients receive a further 10% off?
A: Yes, the 10% off can be combined with product specials.

What our customers say

Can I get paper samples?

Yes. Once you sign up, we will courier you a Welcome Pack, in which you will find a paper sample kit and a few other selling tools.

As print people, we care deeply about what paper we choose because the print is only as good as the paper. We tried over forty different paper stocks and settled on seven that we believe deliver the best value for the different price points in the market.

The best customers are informed customers. The paper samples have the same photo printed on all seven paper stocks. We also include a print from Snapfish, an international online photo printing service, as a comparison. In the welcome pack, you will also find a product brochure and a guide sheet on how to use these resources in more detail.

Affiliate dashboard

But I don't really know how to sell.

Yes. Selling can be hard, especially if you don't know where to get started. There are two kinds of help we provide to get you started - product insights and sales techniques.

Product insights: After serving New Zealand newborn and family photographers for many years, we have the rare privilege to understand what works and what doesn't. We also keep a close watch on the international market so we know what product sells well and why. We want to share this valuable knowledge with you.

Sales techniques: Besides the selling tools you will receive as part of the Welcome Pack, we will also give you additional guidance on products and sales techniques from our most successful affiliates. The training will be delivered via a short email series on making a confident, easy referral at the conclusion of your photo sessions.

Shut up and take my money now.


The Affiliate Program is free to join and we do not charge a setup fee. Just like you, we are a small business and we appreciate just how challenging things can be when you just start out. We are glad that we can be of some help.

Fill out the form now and let's get started.

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