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HappyMoose is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by kiwis. We have a vested interest in helping you make a success of your business.

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- If you are shipping to a business or a school, make sure that you have the organisation's name clearly indicated with C/O.
- If you're using a PO Box or Private Bay address, please enter them here and make sure there are no spaces or punctuation (eg. 'PO Box 23226', not 'PO Box 23 226').

Our backup method of contacting you.

- Don't use street number ranges, eg '4-12 Main Street'.
- If street number includes a letter, leave out the space, eg '21A Main Street', not '21 A Main Street'.

- Use the suburb if it is in common use, eg ‘Auckland Central’, use 'Central'.
- For Rural addresses, use 'RD' plus the RD number here. 'RD' has no spaces or punctuation, eg. 'RD 1' not 'R D 1', nor 'R.D.1'
- Include the name of a registered occupant if the rural address doesn't have a street number.

Enter any extra address information for the delivery person.
For example, apartment number, suite, unit, building or floors.