Hexagon Wall Decals

The coolest way to build a family photo wall. Print your photos on these removable hexagon tiles. They are reusable and easy to move around. Suitable for most wall surfaces.

What's next: You'll be taken to the editor page to upload photos, crop them, customise and preview the final print.

Delivery time
5 business days for delivery. Want it delivered in 2 business days? Upgrade to overnight shipping when you checkout.
Paper type
Heavy weight (240gsm), self-adhesive fabric with a smooth, creamy, matte finish.
Upload your photos
Upload directly from your mobile devices and tablets. Also support importing photos from Google Photos, Dropbox and Instagram.


Photo format
JPEG or PNG files up to 40M. (Photographer or designer? Check out our on digital workflow, ICC profiles or vector image export settings.)
Minimum resolution requirement is 640x640px. Most mobile phone photos will work just fine.
Inkjet-printed giclée prints with 100% archival inks.

Customer Questions & Answers

Will they work on wall paper? Or glasses? Ceramic tiles?

Yes, yes and yes. As long as the surface is clean and stable, the dot will get on it just fine. The best part is because it's self adhesive, after you take it off from the glass, it won't have any residue left.

Can the dots be removed easily? Will peel them off ruin them?

As long as the surface is stable, peeling them off is only a matter of carefully pulling them off and stick onto the backing paper.

How many times can I peel it off and put back on before it loses the stickiness?

We normally say 10 times. As long as you keep the sticky side free from fibre or dust, it can be moved around many time.

The prints seem to be slightly smaller than the size on the website?

Yes, the actual print will be 0.5-1.5cm smaller than the actualy size on the website. Our production machine needs the space to make sure it can cut full-bleed.

How would you rate the quality of the prints compared to traditional paper media?

The fabric offers a smaller colour gamut. Also getting colour perfect can be quite tricky. If you are a professional photographer, we'd encourage you to request a Paper Sample Kit.

I'm moving house this weekend. How shall we transfer the dots?

If you still have the original backing paper, just put the dots down with the sticky side to the paper's gloss side. Alternatively, you can use baking paper or glossy magazine cover pages.

When I tried to upload photos from Dropbox and Instagram, I clicked the button in the toolbar but nothing happened. Any ideas why?

How to allow Pop-up

Goolge, Dropbox and Instagram all require an "authentication modal" popup and if the browser blocks it, that process won't be able to finish.

Please make sure that your browser allows popups. Here are the instructions for Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Customer Photos #happymoosenz

Image Credits

We'd like to say thank you to the following customers and photographers for their images.

The black-and-white 15x15 set is By Jessica Win from Collingwood. Our first version uses a pointy head hexagon shape and thank to Jessica's suggestion, we changed it to a flat point hexagon, which makes it a lot easier to edit.

The two sized colour photos come from our customer is by Taryn McCrory from Hawera, New Plymouth area. She has a great eye for different colours, as you will see from her instagram feed as @mmcrory_creative.