Tabletop Frames

Outfit your favorite spaces with our premium Wooden Tabletop Frame – just upload your photo to be printed on professional satin paper. Shipped with a stand, this frame can be displayed on any flat surface or bring life to your walls. The flexi-point backing allows for easy rotation of your favorite Large Format Prints.

Frames are handcrafted from real hardwood in NZ.

What's next: You'll be taken to the editor page to upload photos, crop them, customise and preview the final print.

Customer Questions & Answers

Do you use glass or plastic? Will it break during transit?

All of our frames use glass as they are much more stabler in the long run. Plastic, even the high-end ones, tends to lose its clarity after 5-10 years.

We use a special, ie quite costly, industrial quality bubble wrap in the package to make sure that the glass stays safe during the transit.

I've ordered several other framed products from you. If I put these together, will they match?

Yes. All of our frame products use the same moulding and matte board so they will match each other quite nicely.

Btw, if you are building a large size gallery wall, we'd suggest choosing the "Box Frame" when you order.

Do I need to crop the photos before uploading them?

Nope. During the upload process, the website will automatically crop the photos to the right aspect ratio and sizes. There is also a cropper tool you can use to make fine adjustments.

When I tried to upload photos from Dropbox and Instagram, I clicked the button in the toolbar but nothing happened. Any ideas why?

How to allow Pop-up

Goolge, Dropbox and Instagram all require an "authentication modal" popup and if the browser blocks it, that process won't be able to finish.

Please make sure that your browser allows popups. Here are the instructions for Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Customer Photos #happymoosenz

Image Credits

We'd like to say thank you to the following customers and photographers for their images.

The family photos are from Liz of the Distant Sea Photography. If you live in Christchurch and you are after a family photographer, pleaase get in touch with Liz.

The product photography is done by the award winning Dunedin photographer David Steer (instagram, 500px). David has just gone pro and I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you on any photography works you may have.