Why we care?

Here is a personal story from Alex, our CEO. We hope it'll help you to understand what we set out to accomplish with the Pro Plan.

Grandpa was a poet and a calligrapher. He was also an accountant. He was instrumental in drafting China's first accounting law between 1949 and 1952. Grandpa was particularly interested in the poems by Du Fu and his dream was to become a full-time poet instead of counting the beans.

That artist's dream wasn't even remotely possible given all the political disasters China was about to go through. He died in 1958 and left thousand pages of manuscripts to my father. A significant part of my childhood memory was about dad trying to publish those manuscripts. In 1998 a tiny little book was finally released to the world and that was all my parents could afford.

A page from Grandpa's manuscripts
A page from Grandpa's manuscript.

Traditionally, galleries and patron's financial contribution was the main source of income for budding artists. Grandpa didn't have any of that so he had no choice but to treat poetry as a hobby.

With internet, social networks and on-demand digital printing, it is now so much easier to find your own audiences, produce physical prints and support yourself by selling directly to people who care.

It has been my life time goal to help artists get enough sustainable income so you can enjoy the freedom to work on your art full-time.

We're here to help make your life as a professional photographer simpler, more fun and more profitable.