HappyMoose 4.0 Release

HappyMoose 3.7 has been out for a while now, and we've received lots of fantastic feedback - thank you so much! For today's release, we took a close look at all your suggestions and revisited many areas of the site to polish it up. Let's take a look at what's new.

Where, When and What

Our photo processor now parses out a few key information from each image, including when you took the photo, where it was and the image's original filename. If you import the images from Google Photos or Instagram, we'll bring over the photo caption as well.

We have another major release cooking in the pot. And they wouldn't be possible without the availability of these metadata.

But even as they stand today, they are already very useful as now you can filter and sort photos by these properties, which leads to ...

New List View and Sorting Options in Editor

List View If you have a lot to print, it can be difficult to track which photos have been uploaded by looking at the thumbnails. The new list view will display the original filename along with a smaller thumbnail, making it much easier to find out which files still need to be uploaded

Sort photos by time taken, If you are making a collage poster for an overseas trip or a wedding, you'll probably have hundreds of photos. This feature makes it super easy to tell the story from beginning to end, saving you hours from manually organising the photos.

Improved Preview Mode

Compact layout More space for your photos. We implemented a new sticky toolbar so that when you scroll down, the top navigation menu will automatically hideaway, leaving you much more space to use than previous version.

Try a different size or product

Many customers prefer to load the photos first, then try them on different sizes, layout options or even products until they are happy with one. The new settings menu makes this easy to do.

Quicker to try different options out

The settings and options for each product has been moved to the bottom toolbar. Want to try different frame colours without switching back and forth? Now, you can.

Photo Picker Improvements

Instagram Library

If you have lots of Instagram photos, you'll be pleased to know that we now save the photos you have already loaded so that when you open up the picker, you don't need to wait for each image to download again.

Continue from where you left When you close a photo picker and re-open it, we'll now remember where you were when you close it off and take you directly there. I can't even imagine how we have lived for so long without this feature.

Photo Library

The photo library now provides a pagination control at the bottom. If you have lots of photos, you can now jump to a given page directly without having to click "Load more" many times.

Like the Instagram Library, now if you refresh the page and open up the photo library again, you'll see your photos there already loaded, ready to go.

Better Product Customiser

The product page has been re-designed to show all available options and add-ons. You can also choose to see the sizes in different measurement units, inch or cm.

This change also makes it possible for you to determine the total cost of including all the extra add-ons, with a much nicer selector for framing options.

You can also click the question icon after each add-on to see the detailed explanations on each option.

And more

These are just some of the additions in HappyMoose 4.0. We’ve also added visual indicators when we saved the changes you made to a project, a guided tour to understand the different parts of the editor, allow drag and drop across multiple collage products in the same project, as well as fixed numerous bugs.

HappyMoose 4.0 is available now. We hope you enjoy these latest improvements! As always, please contact us for any feedback you have. We are all ears.