Volume Discount

Big Order? Big Saving.

You're eligible for volume discounts if you purchase over $200 of the same product.


Amount Discount
Under $190 0%
$200-$499 5%
$500-$1999 10%
$2000-$4999 15%
$5000 or above 20%

Volume discount only applies to buying multiple copies of the same product. For example, if you order 4 48x48cm wall dots and 6 20x30cm metal prints, the volume discount will not apply. But if you order 10 48x48cm wall dots, you are good to go.

Other Benefits

Besides the discounts, you have the option to get a free hard proofing for your prints. You'll get hands-on support from our experienced Professional Service team to make sure that the colours would come out just the way you want it.

You'd also have the potential opportunity to tell your story to our customers. We have tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and thousands of people subscribing to our newsletter. (Check out our interview with Painter Roselyn Fauth for an example.)

Get started now

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