HappyMoose Gift Vouchers for Your Next Fundraising Events

If you are a registered educational instituion or a charitable trust in New Zealand, now you can apply for up to $100 gift vouchers for your next fundraising event.

Why we are doing this?

HappyMoose is an online business. We get most new customers through either word-of-mouth or advertising.

On average, we pay $10 to get a new customer by advertising through Facebook and Google. So, instead of giving the money to these big multi-national businesses, we believe it'll be a great win-win if we give the same amount to the local communities and get people try out us.

We are a small kiwi business so please kindly make sure that these gift vouchers are used properly. One voucher per person please.

What to expect after filling out the form

We will courier you up to ten $10 gift vouchers and some product leaflets to your physical address. The gift vouchers will have an expiry date set to one month after the event date.

For accounting purpose, we need the official name of the institution you represent. We'd really appreciate it if you can make sure that the correct name is used. Here are the official register links to Early Learning Centres, Schools and Charitable Trust.

Please make sure that you fill out all the fields correctly.

Request Form

- Shipping to a business or a school? Please have the organisation's name clearly indicated with C/O.
- Using a PO Box number or Private Bay address? Please leave out spaces or punctuation (eg. 'PO Box 23226', not 'PO Box 23 226').

CourierPost's backup method of contacting you.

- Please don't use street number ranges, eg '4-12 Main Street'.
- If street number includes a letter, leave out the space, eg '21A Main Street', not '21 A Main Street'.

- Use the suburb if it is in common use, eg ‘Auckland Central’, use 'Central'.
- For Rural addresses, use 'RD' plus the RD number here, leave out any spaces or punctuation, eg. 'RD 1', not 'R D 1', nor 'R.D.1'

Enter any extra address information for the delivery person.
For example, company name, apartment number, suite, unit, building or floors.


A big thank you to Mary McKenzie from Kopuwai Early Learning Centre, Cindy Woolston from Tokirima School and Sherrie Larman from Wainui Primary School for the idea.