Paper Sample Kit for Photographers

Can't decide which paper is right for you? Get one of the paper sample kit and see for yourself.

What's included?

Paper samples #flatlay

Each pack contains 3 A6 professional Fine Art Giclée paper samples. They are the best way to really see the differences in photo & fine art paper options.

Each paper has its own distinctive attributes. Besides price, there are several other important factors you might consider, the most important ones are finishing, texture & paper weight, light reflectivity and the way it represents colour.

How to use the samples

  1. Check out the colour ramp in the background. You should see a smooth transition without notable banding or colour casts. You can also have an idea of the reflectivity attribute of different paper stock.
  2. Examine the flowers and the petal details. Look for separation between the adjacent hues.  Many printers or their profiles (and most monitors) have difficulty distinguishing between some of the greens and cyan, and that issue shows up here. Pay extra attention to the edges and see how they differ between matte and satin surface.
  3. Last, check out the skin tones. If the setup is off, you will know it right away because the skin tones will look wrong. Too pink or too yellow are two common issues you often see here.

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