PhotoTrax is a front loading frame used to display your favorite photos

With removable adhesive mounts included, you simply install the trax to the wall and slip the photos in. And because it is so easy to change photos, you can constantly keep updating.

Phototrax are designed to easily slide 4x6' photos in and out, but simply spread the trax out and you can display your larger photos or even your favourite artwork.

What's next: You'll be taken to the editor page to upload photos, crop them, customise and preview the final print.

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Moments Square Prints: 4x4" and 6x6", Fine Art Classics: 4x6",

Customer Questions & Answers

When I tried to upload photos from Dropbox and Instagram, I clicked the button in the toolbar but nothing happened. Any ideas why?

How to allow Pop-up

Goolge, Dropbox and Instagram all require an "authentication modal" popup and if the browser blocks it, that process won't be able to finish.

Please make sure that your browser allows popups. Here are the instructions for Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Customer Photos #happymoosenz

Image Credits

We'd like to say thank you to the following customers and photographers for their images.

Photo and video produced by Coral Teza, the creator of Phototrax.