Colour enhancement services explained

Almost every image can benefit from a little touch-up. Especially the ones that you took with your mobile devices, or old scanned photos.

We provide two add-on service bundles that help you get the best possible prints from your photos. They are not designed to replace the judgement and the skills of the professional photographers. Instead, They give you good-enough yet very affordable improvements to your photos.

In this article, we will show you some examples of the enhancements in the service.

Colour Enhancement Services Bundle - $5.75

Each enhance operation takes into account the current image and uses it as a base to create a more vibrant, engaging, and better-looking image. And we do try to make conservative changes to leave the original look-and-feel intact.

1. Skin Tone Enhancement

If our software sees a face in your photo, we will optimise the image to make the skin tone more natural. If it's too red or pink, we will tune down the red colour; if it's a bit dark and grey, we'll lift the exposure for you.

2. Colour Rebalance

Professional photographers take their best photos either at dawn or dusk time when the lights are evener. However, we ordinary people don't have that luxury, or burden, here.

We've seen lots of photos taken with bright backgrounds and dark features. Rebalance brightens the shadow without making the highlight over-exposed.

3. Low Light Enhancements

If you have photos shot in the night time, this one will be your best friend. We will brighten the whole image up so both the foreground and the background will be brighter and clearer.

4. Red-eye Removal

The name says it all.

Colour Restoration Services Bundle - $17.25

If you have scanned old photos, this is the option you want to choose.

These changes are mostly done through our in-house software. Before we print your photos, we'll load them into Photoshop to double check or make further fine adjustments when needed.

1. Colour cast removal

Old photo prints use three different kinds of dyes to capture the colours. The problem is that the dyes are not completely permanent. With both age and time, and certainly with contamination, these dyes will eventually fade.

When they do so, the colours do not disappear evenly. Typically, the cyan or yellow fades more readily while the magenta colour is slower. So we often have old photos that have more magenta, i.e. red.

Our software will reduce the amount of magenta in the photo to re-balance the colours. The result may not as contrasty as the original one, but it still looks more natural.

Here is another example.

2. Black-and-white Contrast Enhancements

As for old black-and-white photos, the contrast tends to disappear gradually. Our software will apply some local or global contrast changes to make the dark darker.


We hope you find this article helpful. When you order from us, if you have specific changes you'd like us to make, you can always leave a note at the thank you page.