Introducing Panoramic Prints

Now you can print your panoramic photos with us. Price starts from $32.95.

We are proud to announce that the long overdue panoramic prints have finally arrived. We've added panoramic size options to photo prints and photo wall decals. In this post, we will walk you through different aspect ratio options, introduce you to the price points and share some of the improvements we've made to the website.

Supported Aspect Ratios - 5:1, 3:1, and 2:1

Since Apple introduced the Panorama photo in iOS 6.0, the 5:1 ratio has quickly become the de-facto standard. If you take your panoramic photos with an iOS or Android device, we would recommend you to start with 5:1.

5:1 aspect ratio panoramic photo - Sydney Harbour at Night
Sydney Harbour at Night. A panoramic photo in 5:1 ratio. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

For the professionals, 5:1 is the most common aspect ratio to print 360-degree photos. If you use softwares like AutoStitch to create your panoramic photos, or if you use a full rotation camera like PanoScan, 5:1 is the best choice.

360-degree view of downtown Philadelphia in 1913. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

If you shoot using a DSLR or using film, 3:1 or 2:1 might be a better choice. These are the ratios you'll get if you crop with in-camera panorama features.

Software Improvements

Besides the exciting new products, we've also made some significant improvements to how we display and edit photos on widescreen monitors.

The new cropper interface automatically takes up the full width of the screen.
The new cropper interface automatically takes up the full width of the screen. (Photo credit: Tom Hall)

Previously, when we edited the 5:1 panoramic pictures, the cropping area was so narrow that it was almost impossible to see where the top and bottom cropping lines were. Now, with the full width cropper, you can take the advantage of your wide screens.