Mounted Prints FAQ

What is it made of?

The product is called Pop-board Premium. It's designed for heavy-duty mounting and large format display purposes. What makes it different from other foam core products is that It's moisture resistant, bend resistant and super flat.

Here is a photo of the board with all the layers. Personally, I am quite impressed by all these materials get compressed so neatly into a thin 5mm material.

Sleek board cross cut

How durable is it? Is it archival quality?

The board does not offer archival quality. So please expect the print colour will start fading in 10-30 years' time.

Having said this, since most of our customers will be ordering using digital files, we believe the cost and the ease-to-use outweigh the longevity issue.

How heavy is it? How do I hang it?

The sleek board is super lightweight. The 40x60cm one weights about 150g. The board comes with a set of hangers on the back so you can either put it on with a nail or use the 3M removable commando hooks.

Foam core is lightweight enough for hanging

This is getting too technical. Got any cool pictures?

You bet! Check out this one.

It's a panoramic sleek board by Janet again. (Yes, we do offer panoramic sizes on sleek board. This one is 8x24" or 20x60cm. )

According to Janet, "They are the last progeny of “Cecil” the lion that was killed by that American dentist in 2015. Their mothers have found new a new boyfriend and this group stick together. "

Panoramic Print mounted on sleek board

So that's all the questions answered. If you have anything else you want to know, please hit reply and type away. We are listening.

PS. A big thank you to Janet for allowing us to use her images. Her email is if any of you are interested in her work.