Three years in the making

Mounted Prints free standing
A great picture deserves to be prominently displayed. Mounting is the most affordable way to make your best photos shine.

Since the very early days of HappyMoose, we’ve always been looking for a mounting material that’s sturdy, modern, easy to mount and, above all, affordable.

We called up almost all the suppliers and paid for samples after samples, but nothing could fill the bill. Air bubble; Dust; Scratch; Static. Whenever we solved one problem, another one would come up.

For a while, we released a new product called Metal Prints and we ranked #1 on Google for that term. But we eventually pulled it off the market because we just can’t deliver a consistently high-quality product. (And for a small bootstrapped company, that wasn’t an easy decision for us to make.)

By Feb 2017, we seemed to have exhausted all options.

Then In May, by pure coincidence, we discovered that a Korean company just released a new pop board premium product that’s perfect for what we had in mind.

Mounted Prints Close up on the corners
What makes this so special? It has an unusual aluminium sheet between the foam core layers, leaving it moisture and bend resistant yet still lightweight and easy to mount.

We have since fine-tuned our production process, retooled and retrained our team. Just a lot of hard work to identify and fix all the small issues that might ruin a perfect print.

Now we can finally say that we’ve nailed it.

Mounted Prints Close up on the corners
Just like the wall dot, the mounted print is another new product we introduced to the market.

When it comes to product innovation, the New Zealand market is usually a few steps behind Australia, Europe or North America.

We’re proud of the fact that we, as a small kiwi company, have introduced something new and exciting to the market.

We invite you to give the mounted prints a try. We hope you like what you are getting from us.

Photo Credit: The gorgeous family portrait photos are by Ashley Syms Photography in Wairarapa. If you live nearby and looking for a wonderful photographer to work with, give Ashley a call.