Compare Our Price Against Our Competitors

Our mission is to provide the best quality to the most people for the least price.

Through continuous process engineering, and by writing our own production software, we manage to minimum wastage, cut down repetitive labour work and automate away all shipping tracking workloads.

All of the above means that we can provide best quality service for the industry's most competitive price. (We write more about this in our stories, if you are curious to learn more.)

We welcome our customers to check our price against our competitors. To make this easier for you, we have selected the most popular sizes and listed our price along with their in the following two tables. But before we start, a few words about doing your own research.

Compare Apples to Apples

When you compare price between different providers, even after you take into account obvious factors like shipping cost and GST, there are still a couple of key variables you want to understand.

The most important one is what printing technology it is used. Are the photos printed with an inkjet printer or a digital press? A reputable lab will be up front with this information. The digital press is a lot cheaper but the colour gamut is also much smaller. If you are a professional photographer, you would almost never want to sell your work as a digital press print. To read more, check out Photographer Paper Prints vs. Press Prints .

Another crucial factor is the paper. Your print is only as good as the paper it's printed on. Even though many businesses they are using Museum Quality, or even use names like Cotton Rag, have they mentioned the manufactures' brand? Limited edition paper businesses like Hahnemuhle protect their trademarks very carefully.

With these two pieces of information in mind, let's take a look at the matted print, as part of the Boxes offering, from our competitor Queensberry. Under the "Prints" section, there are 5 choices. Lustre, Metallic or Tintoretto are $2.00 each whereas Fine art paper is $9.60 and Museum Quality is $15.20. Why the big price differences?

It turns out that Tintoretto is a textured paper printed with a digital press, not an inkjet (source: and ). So how about the Fine art paper and Museum Quality paper? Queensberry provides an explaination on the Fine art prints page, but nowhere can we find the manufacturer's brand. If you Google photo rag , you'll see that Hahnemühle's brand comes up first. But if you try to find the brand name on Queensberry website by Googling hahnemuhle , you'll see a blank page. The manufacture's brand is never mentioned.

We don't think there are anything inherently wrong with digital press or a third-party paper, but we do believe in the value of being transparent and upfront. Just as a comparison, you can find the details of every paper we use, as well as download the colour profiles, here.

Price Comparison with GST excluded and Shipping Cost included

All prices are GST excluded. We also assume a conversion rate of 1.5 between USD and NZD.

Fine art prints (GST Excluded)
Size HappyMoose Queensberry mpix (US)
8x12" $15.48
($15.48 + $0.00)
($16.40 + $6.60)
($10.07 + $12.00)
16x20" $36.68
($36.68 + $0.00)
($36.00 + $9.50)
($35.64 + $15.00)
24x36" $75.08
($75.08 + $0.00)
($67.00 + $13.90)
($101.32 + $15.00)

Framed prints without mat (GST Excluded)
Size HappyMoose Queensberry mpix (US)
12x16" $69.53
($69.53 + $0.00)
($71.00 + $13.90)
($69.30 + $35.00)
18x24" $111.26
($111.26 + $0.00)
($120.00 + $18.90)
($127.50 + $35.00)
24x36" $153.7
($153.70 + $0.00)
($199.00 + $29.00)
($127.32 + $85.00)

Price Policy

We will price match our competitors so please get in touch if you think our prices can be better.

This page was last updated on 3rd September, 2018.