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Photographer Package

The Pro Membership helps professional photographers and artists make more profit from your existing business, even if the existing customers can't afford your physical print products now.

As a company, we keep on experimenting and releasing new photo print products that are made possible by technology advances. The full range of new products open up several opportunities for you to grow your business.

Higher Revenue Per Client

Our high end products provide more choices for you to upsell to your clients.

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, many of your clients are looking for new and high quality products for their homes. During our conversation with photographers, we've learned that it is much easier for them to get their clients excited if they could present new print products to them during viewing sessions.

We are the only company in New Zealand that offers personalised framed round prints. We are also one of the very few companies that offers printing, matting and framing all included service through our framed prints product line.

We offer full range of aspect ratio options: from 1:1 squares to 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1 panoramic prints. If you are a wedding, landscape or family portrait photographer, now you have the opportunities to sell not only a few prints but the chance to build out a full family photo wall for your clients over the years.

Access to Less Competitive Markets

Our low end products make it more affordable for your clients to purchase print products from you.

For example, the 60x60cm wall dots cost only $69.96. But its size leaves strong visual impact on anyone viewing it. Making them an excellent option as the statement photo for family photo wall.

More affordable print means bigger addressable market, more pieces sold, and higher revenue for your service. The new products open up the possibility for you to sell into under-$80 and under-$250 market, which are much bigger and far less competitive.

What's included

For a one-time fee of $49.95, you will enjoy the following benefits:

35% discount for Studio Samples. You'll have up to 6-week to prepare studio samples. You can print up to $500 worth of products with a 35% discount.

Up to 20% discount for your purchases. We offer a tiered pricing structure so you will enjoy better discount as your purchase grows.

Amount Discount
Under $190 0%
$200-$499 5%
$500-$1999 10%
$2000-$4999 15%
$5000 or above 20%

Get started now

To get the ball rolling, send an email to hello@happymoose.nz.