Here Comes the Frame Refills

Four different collage frames.
Reinvent your wall art. Reuse the same frame by swapping the current one with your most recent prints.

If you already own our custom frames, the refills are for you.

All refills are printed using the same top quality printer, professionally mounted.and ready to be put into a frame.

Why we are doing it

Do you know what nags us about the frames we sell?

They are a bit too expensive.

Make no mistake that we are very proud of the quality of these frames. They are so much better than the el cheapo ones that every week we have customers emailing us to say how happy they are with their purchases. But we are also aware that not everyone can keep buying these custom frames without feeling a tinge of guilt when they check their bank balance.

Wouldn't it be great if you can reuse these custom frames?

What if you can replace the photos in the custom frames by yourself?

With the frame refills, now you can.

Before getting down to the nitty gritty details, let's meet the little guy that makes all these possible.

Flexible points: the unsung hero

Life hasn't always been easy for framers. Before the invention of Flexible Points, framers had to use hammer to bang nails into wooden or metal frames in order to secure everything in place. And imagine the frustration if you have to pull the points out?

The biggest advantage of using flexible points is that they can be bent quite easily. You can bend it upward to get access to the photo prints and after replacing the art work, it's also quite easy to bend the points back into position without damaging the points, moulding, framing materials or glass.

Insert the screw under the flexible nails
The left image shows a few stacks of flexible points. The right one shows how they are inserted into the moulding. (If you are curious to see this in action, Here is a youtube video showing you how this works. )

How to order from the website

With the frame refills, now you can. This option is now available on the website across all frame products, including fine art frames, round frames and collage frames.

To order frame refills, in the "Customise your print" modal, select Refill Print Only under Frame Timber Types.

To order, select "Refill Print Only" under "Frame Timber Types"

How to replace the print in your frames

Insert the screw under the flexible nails
Step 1: Unscrew the hanging kit from the back.
Recommended settings for JPEG Options
Step 2: Use a screw to gently open up the flexible nails on the back of the frame
Recommended settings for JPEG Options
Step 3: Once all points are bent, gently taking the previous print out and put the new one in.

Secure the flexible points and put the hanging kit back in place. Then you are done!