How to choose the right frame for your favourite photos

Rule of thumb: make the frame fits the style of the photo and the environment it goes in

(The above table lists all four frame styles we offer through our product line. To check out the prices for common sizes, please visit Fine art prints page.)

1. What colour are you trying to emphasise?

Use the frame to reinforce the highlight colour that captures your attention. For example, even though the topic of the following two photos is the same, the style of the image calls for frames of the different style.

The white frame here highlights the white dress and the light background.
The black frame works well with the high contrast and darker background.

Eye colour, skin tone, clothes are also some common factors to consider.

The black hair and the dark colour of the dresses is matched up with a black box frame.

2. How do you feel when you look at the image?

Black frames offer a nice touch of drama while providing your art with a defined territory and personal space. Conversely, white frames work very well with the colourful image and allow for soft emphasis on the artwork.

A deep black box frame balances the strong B&W photograph. 
A black frame will be too heavy for this subject.

3. What's the interior style?

Black and white are classic choices that don't appear everywhere just by chance. This duo is the most situationally-friendly when it comes to framing as they work well with most interiors, artworks, and photographs.

White frames on a white wall are especially alluring, giving the illusion of free-floating artwork without borders that's one with its surroundings.

The dark wall and the pieces of furniture match well with the black frame and the visually strong image.
The relaxed mood and the soft tone of this travel photo demands a gentler touch.

A few words about small spaces

Smaller wall spaces, like the one between your door and a corner of your room, is the perfect blank canvas for hanging framed art. You can visually expand your space by stacking a series of smaller artwork vertically towards the ceiling, but not to the point where it's tough to hang or can strain your neck. Or create a vertical collage picture frame using your photos, and design it to fit in the space.

Don't be afraid to combine frames (or art) of various sizes into the mix. They'll look organised as long as they are centred together as a column, a great option when you want to add personality to a home with limited space.

(Image credits: all in-situ photos are by the fantastic people at If you live in New York and San Francisco, you should give their framing service a go. )