New product: hexagon decals

Have a look at our new product: hexagon decals.

Tabletop Frame
Product photo by Taryn McCrory from Hawera.

Your photos are printed on the same self-adhesive material as the wall dots. So you can build out your family photo wall without putting any nails in the wall. (And take them with you when moving to a new house.)

Tabletop Frame
Product photo by Taryn McCrory from Hawera.

What's great about the hexagon shape and being removable is that you can get quite creative about how you put them up.

Have a blank hallway wall?

Line them from left to right. Lead the guests through the timeline of your life stories.

Have a narrow space?

Tile them up from top to bottom.

Tabletop Frame
Product photo by Jessica Win from Collingwood.

One more great thing about the hexagon shape? Less wastage of the material. Compare to the dots, you get more hexagons for the same price. A pack of six 10x10cm costs €14.19.

As usual. GST, shipping and happiness all included.

I hope you like what you are getting from us,


P.S. Credits for these product in-situ shots:

The two coloured decals photos were taken by Taryn McCrory from Hawera. She has a great eye for colour, as you will see from her Instagram feed as @mmcrory_creative.

The black-and-white 15x15 set is By Jessica Win from Collingwood. Our early prototypes use a pointy-head hexagon shape and thanks to Jessica's suggestion, we changed it to the flat-top shape that you are looking at now. This change makes it so much easier to edit the photos.

P.P.S. My trip up to Auckland last week was ... ... wonderful. (Yes, the traffic on Onewa Road in the morning was a bit brutal for someone from Dunedin. But it was worth it.)

I met with five customers and spent at least an hour and a half with each one. I am so glad I sit in the traffic for these meetings.

It's one thing to be able to dig in and hear about people's honest opinions of what works and what doesn't.

It's a whole new level to get invited into our customer's lives. To be invited into a customer's home, share a meal with the family and get doors opened for me. (In terms of partners, suppliers etc of course. )

It was such a privilege to develop a deeper understanding of people's life. For a guy who spent the first 30 years of his life in a totally different culture. I'm sure I'll benefit from these immersion experiences in the many years to come.

So once again, a heartfelt thank you to Melissa Collow, Emma Harding, Lynn Clayton, Tania Kennedy and Jo Gilmore. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again.