Important changes to the affiliate program

Starting today, you'll earn 10% commision on all purchases from customers you refer to us.

That's correct. All purchases.

We have removed the limitation of "first year only" in the previous term and conditions. Refer a customer to us once, and you'll get a nice, juicy referral fee whenever she makes a purchase in the future.

You may wonder: this sounds good but why the change?

Liz from Distant Sea Photography asked me: I'm just thinking about what to do about my repeat clients, some of them book me every year or every second year. So that means I would only get the 10% to start with but wouldn't receive referrals in subsequent years, is that correct?

I knew she was right. Most affiliate programs are between six-weeks and six-months. We knew that photo printing does not happen too often so we chose a longer period. But since we’ve already expanded ours to 12 months. I wasn't sure what else we can do.

Recently, I came to the natural conclusion that the only long-term mutual beneficial way is to make the affiliate program not only valid for the first year but also as a lifelong commitment.

Unconventional? Yes.

But I believe that this is the only way to build a healthy, rewarding long-term relationship for everyone. For you, a continuous income with little efforts on your part; for your client, she knows that she is getting good value from a trustworthy local business; for us, we have many partners who want to see us flourish.

Interested? You may want to read the updated affiliation page. We added a new FAQ section and a link to the updated terms and conditions (PDF). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.